Author's drinks

Ygli East Bar is a concept bar that is the author's reproduction of the knowledge of the ancient cult of Mithras, where every drink has a history of generations.

Ygli restaurant Bar - Golden Tai

Golden Tai

Golden Tai in our usual sense of cocktail, but it is not. Golden Tai is a potion, all puzzles collected by the girl Ternatte for his people kinnari in faraway Asia. Unbeknownst to the traditions and recipes of the cult of Mithras revealed secrets, the gold knowledge of which guarded the purple flower Clitoriya.

Ygli restaurant Bar - Branded tinctures

Branded tinctures

Tinctures are made according to ancient recipes of molars and cadagas, reproduced according to the manuscripts of the inhabitants of the Altai region and the very ancient cult of Mithras


The cocktail list is the author's work of combining the recipes of ancient molfar and cardagos and brahmins, which have been reflected in infusions, herbal cordialis and floral purple bitters in ten regions.

Old writings of the great Ottoman Empire include hundreds of secret potions to improve the body's functioning, such as spirulina, which is about 3.5 billion years old, Sub Water black water with a guam complex in SubSun and Awaren detox cocktails, which are herbs and mushrooms the basis of Gellios and Luna cocktails.

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