Traditional national dishes at the Eastern Restaurant Ygli

Only oriental-style establishments can reach their guests with authentic comfort and coloring, oriental chic and sophistication of traditions. Restaurant on the Velyka Vasylkivska Street is just that - hospitable, beautiful, generous, exceptional!

Oriental hospitality is a rich combination of different details and, of course, the main one is a very tasty feast.

Ygli restaurant offers its guests not one but an entire mix of oriental cuisines. On the menu you will find Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Lebanese and Turkish dishes.And what is most striking are the chefs of the respective nationalities who create culinary masterpieces in the open kitchen of the establishment!

Yes, the magic of cooking Georgian khinkali with lamb and cilantro or Uzbek samsa in tandoor is known only to the bearers of national culinary traditions. Just like the Fatish - Lebanese salad, no one will prepare the correct and tastier Lebanese salad. Perfect ingredients, balanced recipe, professional equipment - all in the kitchen of Ygli Restaurant.

The national flavor can be copied, the recipe of the dish can be studied and even improved, but only those restaurants where national cuisines are prepared are fascinated and remembered forever.

Tested by experience!

27 March 2020

Festive Dinner March 8

Festive dinner on March 8 at the newly opened Ygli Restaurant. Wide selection of oriental dishes from the open kitchen, incredible lounge atmosphere and music from DJ STARKOV

Festive Dinner March 8
21 May 2020

Fashion brunch with Aina Gasse

Branch with talanted designer Aina Gasse, brand founder Aina Gasse.

Fashion brunch with Aina Gasse