Cold snacks


145 грн

Meze - plato oriental appetizers

235 грн

Caucasian pickles

175 грн

Herring with home-made potatoes

140 грн

Baba ganoush (baked eggplant with homemade yogurt and garlic)

150 грн


125 грн

Shanklish (goat cheese with Lebanese spices, tomatoes and green onions)

155 грн

Chicken pate (with chicken liver, hazelnuts, herb sauce)

210 грн

Haydari (homemade yogurt, mint, dill and garlic snack)

95 грн

Jadzhik (homemade yogurt, garlic and cucumber snack)

90 грн

Eggplant rolls with nuts

190 грн

Assorted Phali (beetroot, spinach, carrot and eggplant rolls) new

220 грн

Assorted cheese

450 грн


Baklava Baku (new)

100 грн


145 грн


135 грн

Different kinds of ice-cream

50 грн

Sorbet "Lemon"

50 грн

Sorbet "Forest berry"

50 грн

Fish and seafood

Shrimps Turkish

385 грн

Mussels with green peas

310 грн

Grilled salmon fillet

195 грн / 100 гр

Trout on grill

355 грн

Hot dishes and appetizers

Chkmeruli (new)

380 грн

Turkish rice (new)

80 грн

Mashed potatoes with spinach

85 грн

Grilled vegetables

155 грн
Hot dishes

3. Jyzz Byz (chicken giblet, stewed with onions and herbs)

155 грн

Chicken tabaka (new)

340 грн
Hot appetizers

Baked scallops in spinach sauce

340 грн

Zucchini fritters with salted salmon

200 грн

Warm hummus with chicken hearts

170 грн

Dolma (grape leaves, veal, lamb, spices)

200 грн

Home style vegetables

155 грн

Homу style potatoes

105 грн

Kinkali / Sauce

Khinkali with veal and herbs

30 грн

Khinkali with lamb and cilantro

33 грн

Khinkali with cheese and herbs

28 грн

Khinkali with chicken

28 грн

On open fire

Chicken kebab

145 грн

Adana Kebab

170 грн

Beyti kebab with two types of sauces

240 грн

Beyti kebab with eggplant sauce and onion

240 грн

Chiken kebab (100g)

90 грн / 100 g.

Lamb kebab

165 грн

Lamb shish kebab (100g)

185 грн / 100 g.

Veal rack

140 грн / 100 гр

Lamb rack

150 грн / 100 гр

Tsukebi (veal cut)

255 грн / 100 г.

Our dough


30 грн


30 грн

Turkish bread - Ekmek

30 грн

Pide with stuffing veal and vegetables

170 грн

Pide with vegetables

145 грн

Khachapuri in ajarian style

170 грн

Khachapuri in megrel style

185 грн

Kutab with greens

65 грн

Kutab with veal

65 грн


Georgian salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, nut paste)

165 грн

Salad of baked vegetables with goat cheese

240 грн

Fattoush Salad (tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers and Lebanese croutons)

175 грн

Tabouli (parsley, tomato, onion, bulgur, olive oil)

160 грн

Vegetable salad with baked chicken

220 грн

Garnet (tomatoes, red onions, walnuts, pomegranate sauce)

140 грн


Lentil soup

120 грн

Guinea fowl soup

170 грн


170 грн